WEBINAR ON-DEMAND: Maximizing Pricing & Fee Structures

WEBINAR ON-DEMAND: Maximizing Pricing & Fee Structures

The economic impact from the COVID-19 pandemic will most likely be seen for years. To ensure financial stability, payment processing companies, including (but not limited to) payment networks, issuing banks, payment service providers, and merchant acquirers need to know they have the correct fee and commission strategy, are being proactive with their marketing opportunities, and are not leaving money on the table. Also, the ever-changing federal and state government mandates dictate a cost-effective solution to comply with regulatory changes.

This webinar will look at the following:

·         Different types of fees across card and payment transactions

·         Best practices for developing effective pricing strategies

·         Methods for successfully measuring the financial impact of new fee structures

·         How to gain a competitive advantage with Concourse – Fees & Commissions


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