How BHMI’s Dynamic Platform Enables Faster Payments

How BHMI’s Dynamic Platform Enables Faster Payments

Faster payments are rapidly gaining traction around the world.  As the creator of the Concourse Financial Software Suite, BHMI has partnered with the Mercator Advisory Group to put together some helpful information about the current faster payments landscape and the methods of approach to successfully enable faster payments. 

We invite you to check out this recent PaymentsJournal article and podcast in which Jack Baldwin, CEO of BHMI and Steve Murphy, Director of Commercial and Enterprise Payments at Mercator Advisory Group discuss how faster payments are set to expand in the coming years.  They also summarize some approaches companies can take to ensure they are ready for the changing world of payments.

You’re also invited to download the free white paper in which Mercator Advisory Group summarizes the faster payments landscape, provides industry forecasts, and outlines the primary challenges. Mercator then provides some thoughts and recommendations to help companies successfully enable faster payments.


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