BHMI Fall 2011 Internship Session Is In Full Swing

Steven Cusumano – UNO

Baldwin Hackett & Meeks, Inc. (BHMI), a leading international software solutions provider, offers a unique and rewarding internship program for students enrolled at Nebraska universities. Up to six interns are employed during each of three sessions – spring, summer, and fall – and work on projects related to software development. No key/data entry, watching operational logs, working a help desk, or deploying workgroup products.

Nikhil Ghanta - UNO

During the week of August 15th 2011, Steven Cusumano and Nikhil Ghanta joined the intern staff at BHMI for the fall session. When choosing intern candidates, BHMI looks for Junior or Senior level students with an average GPA of 3.6 or higher who are majoring in computer science and/or computer engineering. 

 The internship at BHMI will enable Steven and Nikhil to:

  •  acquire skills and experiences working in a professional environment
  •  assume advanced responsibilities as they prove they can handle them
  •  gain exposure to project deadlines and client feedback
  •  improve their interpersonal communication skills
  •  have access to facilities, tools and resources that are the same as those provided to  BHMI’s full-time software engineer professionals
  •  springboard their careers in the software development field

The fall session is now closed, but BHMI will be opening up Spring applications soon.    Click here to learn more about BHMI’s internship program.


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