Concourse Financial Software Suite White Paper

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The Concourse Financial Software Suite is a proven and modular software suite specifically designed to modernize back office processing for any type of electronic payment transactions including traditional card-based transactions and digital payment methods such as mobile, eWallet and P2P transactions.  Concourse’s continuous processing, rules-based architecture is helping companies meet the demands of the rapidly changing world of payments. 

The Concourse Financial Software Suite includes five software modules that perform a wide range of back office functions that are required to successfully process electronic payment transactions.  This includes real-time access to transaction data, transaction research, settlement processing, funds movement, transaction matching, automated reconciliation, reporting, fee and commission assessment, and dispute / chargeback workflow management.

This document will give you a comprehensive overview of the Concourse Financial Software Suite – winner of the Best Real-time Payments Solution at PayTech Awards 2020.


PayTech Award Winner