Rejuvenate Your Enterprise Software Environment

There are times when your enterprise software applications need to be moved to a new technology infrastructure. If these applications are your primary business applications, then decisions made about the new infrastructure and how your applications are migrated to it can have far reaching implications for the financial or commercial operations of your organization.

Because change means risk, the amount of change to be incorporated into a migration effort is a big question to be answered. Therefore, some functions or features of the current enterprise software environment may be retained during a software migration to limit the destabilization of the current application set. So, there is typically a tradeoff between new functionality, desirable functionality, and the destabilization risk. Some examples of basic tradeoff questions to be addressed during a software migration assessment include:

  • Should the entire application in the current environment be migrated or should only a portion of it be migrated with logical links between the old and new environments?
  • Should the current software application be ported to the new environment or should a new architecture be adopted to take advantage of features or functions available in the new environment?
  • Should user interfaces be updated to change the “look and feel” of user interactions or should the current user interface be retained?
  • Should some longstanding application deficiencies be corrected as part of the software migration effort or should they be retained so the scope of the migration effort can be controlled?
  • Should the entire target application set in the current environment be migrated at the same time (“big bang”) or should current applications be migrated over multiple project phases (“staged migration”)?
  • Should new functionality be added to the software application being migrated or should the migration effort only include existing functionality?

BHMI can help you answer these tradeoff questions. We will help you rejuvenate your existing applications with new capabilities and maintain a technical edge. Also, by leveraging BHMI’s decades of experience with enterprise software applications, you can be confident that your software applications will be migrated to a new environment efficiently, effectively, and at low risk.