Integrate and Share Data Across Your Business Applications

Sophisticated software applications do not exist in a vacuum. They exist as logical components of an encompassing infrastructure. By definition, primary business applications are essential to the financial or commercial well-being of an organization. Generally they are functionally involved with other components of the enterprise such as devices, databases, processes, subsystems, or even complete external applications. Functional involvement can consist of any logical interchange in which a component affects the behavior of other components.

We have the skills and experience to successfully carry out your enterprise software integration effort. For example:

  • BHMI has the capability to identify the elements of your infrastructure to be components of a software integration effort and the ways these components functionally interact with each other.
  • Our experienced team can do just about everything required during your software integration effort – application software development, system software development, firmware creation, database design, communications protocol support – whatever is needed.
  • Logical interchanges among infrastructure components are typically defined by the interfaces among them. We can design interfaces to isolate environmental dependencies so that new components can be swapped with old components with no architectural changes.

BHMI’s enterprise software integration services essentially consist of the following broad operations:

  • Identify current and prospective components of your enterprise software environment that will be functionally involved.
  • Determine how the software components are to be functionally involved.
  • Design an integrated system that defines components, their roles, and the logical interchanges among them required for successful operation.
  • Implement the enterprise software integration design.