Extensive Custom


Throughout our history, we have developed custom software applications in a variety of industries and disciplines; however, there have been common themes repeated across BHMI’s efforts regardless of the client or type of software application created:

  • BHMI develops primary business applications, which are critical to the successful operation of an enterprise. In this case, “critical” means that loss of the application causes significant financial or commercial loss for an enterprise until it is restored. This is where we operate.
  • Clients select BHMI for those enterprise software applications that are technically complex and challenging. Complexity can assume different forms – a software application may have many functional components that have to seamlessly cooperate, it may have large numbers of links to independent external subsystems that must now be unified, it may require sophisticated data transmission protocols – and more.  This is where we thrive – handling the difficult decisions.
  • High levels of performance are required. This may be reflected in large numbers of simultaneously supported users, high transaction volumes, or tight processing windows with demanding service levels. In most cases, a variety of software criteria have to be met that require exceptional and consistent processing capability. This is where we stand out – where performance really counts.
  • Robustness is a common requirement. Application requirements and demanding processing windows combine to ensure that software must be constantly available. Software in this environment has to automatically recover from abnormal, unanticipated conditions. This requires extra planning, design, data validation, and testing as part of the overall development process to ensure that the widest set of operating conditions have been considered and accommodated. This is all part of our normal software creation process – BHMI’s software is the best choice when stopping is not an option.
  • Scalability is an integral component of BHMI applications. Our clients rely on their primary business software to build commercial success. They want their businesses to grow, and they expect the software applications created by BHMI to accommodate that growth. That is our expectation as well – software designed to grow as your business grows.
  • BHMI anticipates that clients’ needs will evolve; therefore, the enterprise software applications developed by BHMI will have to evolve as well. Software enhancements need to occur without software redesign or significant recoding. That is why we develop software with “plug and play” features. We design software so environmental dependencies are isolated – and this allows functional components to be added or replaced with minimal architectural changes. This approach works because we have been maintaining the same applications for clients for decades – illustrating that BHMI builds software with a future.
  • It is a given that business circumstances will change. BHMI understands this need and designs software so application functionality is compartmentalized – allowing coding changes and resulting benefits to occur quickly. We design enterprise software applications so they can be easily maintained.
  • Your company’s technical landscape is likely to change over time, so the hardware platforms hosting your applications must change as well. Unless a software application has been written in a generic language, like Java, it may have to be rewritten to be moved to a new technical platform. And, if Java is the source language, performance can be impacted because the application is executed by a virtual machine, thereby losing the speed advantage of native execution. We can create primary business software that is platform-independent yet still retains the speed advantages of native execution.  Software developed by BHMI is designed to be portable without loss of performance and is ideal for users whose software applications are more important than the platforms on which they run.
  • Ease of use is a critical factor for enterprise software applications. As a result, most of the software applications BHMI creates include an ergonomic browser-based user interface. BHMI employs the latest web technologies to design browser interfaces for its web applications. Using the most current screen technologies, our ergonomic designers can develop user interfaces for your web application that are attractive, responsive, and intuitively simple to use.