To ensure you are going in the right direction with your software design, you may want to test a limited number of technical functions. A great way to achieve this objective is to conduct a feasibility study. Below are some examples of critical functions that companies want to test as part of a feasibility study:

  • Performance
  • Maintain a required transaction processing rate
  • Load data files fast enough to meet service level agreements
  • Algorithmically convert request data fast enough to meet required response times
  • Communications
  • Validate support for a critical communications protocol
  • Demonstrate support for required internal messaging services
  • Maintain required performance levels for data transmissions through multiple levels of data abstraction
  • Interfaces
  • Validate conformance with published interface conventions
  • Meet accreditation requirements for exchanging data with a public network
  • Demonstrate successful data exchanges with external processing systems

BHMI can help your company verify key functionality for a new or expanded software application before you commit resources and dollars for a full project mobilization. We can create low-cost, limited purpose demonstration environments and validate that required functions can be achieved. Some BHMI approaches to conducting a feasibility study include:

  • Simulation models
  • Analytical models
  • Focused benchmarks
  • Limited purpose software demonstrations