BHMI has extensive experience in initiating and successfully completing full enterprise software project cycles. These software projects include all aspects of a project cycle, including the completion of a detailed software architecture design prior to software development. The deliverable produced by BHMI’s software architecture design activity is a detailed external specification that includes the following, among other components:

  • Hardware and software architectural descriptions
  • User screen layouts and feature function descriptions
  • Report layouts
  • Transaction descriptions and supporting data
  • Major data table descriptions
  • Workflow descriptions
  • External interface descriptions
  • Business rule descriptions

Our clients have used these detailed external specification documents as guides for their own software development efforts. In effect, these external specification documents are written by BHMI so non-BHMI software developers can create complete application code using the specifications as guides – BHMI designs applications for other groups to complete.

So, if you want to ensure that your software development cycle gets started correctly, let our experienced senior software engineers design it. Leverage our strength to complement your strength.