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This year marks the seventeenth annual BHMI Favorite Seasonal Treat Contest.  BHMI holds a company-wide contest each year to find a recipe that will prove worthy of becoming our corporate gift.  We sampled many wonderful treats this year, and one reigned supreme; however, the complexity and length of time to make was a bit daunting for our bakers to mass produce.  So, this year we have two winners of the BHMI Best award.

Our first place winner and BHMI Best award goes to Jacob Vosik, BHMI Software Engineer, with his Turtle Candies.  Jacob crafted this recipe himself just for our treat contest!  He said it only took six iterations and three weeks to get it just the way he wanted.  Jacob has been with BHMI for six years.  He started as an intern, and after three years, he was hired as a full-time software engineer.  Jacob became a first-time homeowner this year, and he enjoys reading, gaming, and spending time with his 8-year old daughter, Sophie.  Jacob’s treat would be fabulous to make for a special family get-together or an office potluck!  The gooey, homemade caramel center with toasted pecans was a highlight and would make this recipe worth tackling this holiday season.

The second BHMI Best award goes to Doug Edwards, BHMI Senior Technical Writer, for his yummy Butterscotch, Toffee, and Chocolate Chip Cookies.  This is the special gift that we are sending you this year.  If you like Heath bar candy and butterscotch, then you are in for a special treat!  You may think Doug looks familiar, and that’s because he was our winner just two short years ago.  Doug and his wife, Janet, surprise the office multiple times a year with sweet treats, and everyone in the office is always anxiously awaiting their arrival.

We hope you enjoy these special treats and recipes as much as we do.  May the holiday season bring you peace, joy, and happiness!



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