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BHMI Launches Concourse – Disputes EXPLAINED Video

Today, BHMI launched the second video in a new Concourse EXPLAINED animated video series.  This video explains how Concourse – Disputes automates and simplifies the dispute management process for any type of electronic payment transaction.  It follows a disputed transaction through the entire dispute life cycle and shows how the below features make Concourse – Disputes the best solution of its kind:


  • Provides access to current transaction data and extensive searching capabilities, allowing companies to quickly research transactions and determine the best course of action
  • Includes a user-friendly browser interface, making it easy for internal users and external clients to easily initiate a dispute, attach documentation, and manage the dispute process
  • Supports end-to-end claims management, ensuring all disputes are handled quickly and reliably
  • Provides configurable work queues, allowing companies to distribute work among its staff based on specific needs
  • Includes intuitive dispute workflows that guide users all the way through the dispute management process, allowing dispute analysts to successfully manage disputes without extensive disputes training
  • Provides pre-populated user screens, eliminating redundant data entry, enhancing productivity, and reducing clerical errors
  • Allows all supporting documentation to be loaded and linked to the appropriate dispute, eliminating the need for manual paper handling
  • Provides payment network interfaces, eliminating the need to reenter data into separate systems
  • Provides payment network interfaces, eliminating the need to reenter data into separate systems
  • Includes a powerful workflow engine, ensuring no steps are missed, each step is completed in the correct order, and all deadlines are met
  • Sends automated notifications and reminders, further ensuring no deadlines are missed
  • Provides online monitoring and reporting tools that provide up-to-date information for all dispute activities, making it easy to achieve excellence in the area of disputes management


To watch this video, click here


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