North Omaha Kiwanis Club Invites BHMI To Present


The North Omaha Kiwanis Club is an organization of business and professional men and women who work with local children and youth; enabling them to become better prepared for the future. 

Kiwanis Young Children Priority One

In order to carry out their mission, the club keeps a close eye on current news and events in the Omaha area.  Rev. Frederick (Fred) A. Felger, serving as the June Program Chair for the club, had read a recent article in the Midland’s Business Journal about BHMI and thought the members of the North Omaha Kiwanis would benefit from learning more about BHMI’s software products and services.  Felger invited BHMI to speak at the club’s meeting on Friday, June 24, 2011.

Ryan Moore, Senior Software Engineer at BHMI, delivered an introduction on BHMI to the group.  He also provided specific examples of software applications BHMI has created for customers.  Ryan then highlighted BHMI’s long standing intern program and offered some advice on how students can be successful in a computer science career.


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