BHMI Returns From HP Discover 2011

Mike Meeks, Casey Scheer, and Donna Blum just returned from HP Discover 2011, a new enterprise business event for all alumni of HP Software Universe, HP Technology Forum, and HP Technology@Work. Las Vegas is hot this time of year, but even more so last week with this event. Over 10,000 people attended the conference and experienced HP’s entire portfolio of products, solutions, and services.

The Discover Zone was a massive trade show floor featuring black carpeting, neon lights, and a plethora of hot new technology gadgets.  The Discover Zone opened with a welcome reception on Monday night, June 7th and was a hub of activity. 

During the event, BHMI had the opportunity to meet with key HP representatives, partners, and clients.  As an exhibitor, BHMI promoted its 25 years of experience developing enterprise software applications on the NonStop, Unix, Linux, and Wintel platforms.

Mike Meeks and Casey Scheer standing in front of the BHMI kiosk.


Casey Scheer conversing with Janice Cronch and Keith Skaggs from HP’s NonStop Enterprise Division during the conference.


Donna Blum posing with four Elvis impersonators.


To learn more about the HP Discover 2011 event, visit a blog written by Mauricio Freitas and published by Geekzone.  Mauricio’s photos from the event are available at http://www.liveshare.com/stream/1378059.


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