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BHMI Named Finalist for Best Real-Time Payments Solution

BHMI Named Finalist for Best Real-Time Payments Solution

HMI’s Concourse Financial Software Suite® has been named as a finalist for the Excellence in Tech Award “Best Real-Time Payments Solution” category. The PayTech Awards, produced by FinTech Futures, celebrate excellence and innovation in leveraging IT for the finance and payment industries around the world, while recognizing the people who drive it. 

Recognized as a company driving payments innovation, BHMI is a finalist for its flagship product, the Concourse Financial Software Suite®, and its ability to deliver successful, high-impact real-time payments infrastructure solutions for its clients. Concourse enables today’s processors, networks, merchant processors and financial institutions to reach the true potential of faster payments processing by allowing their back offices to better match the growing real-time environment of their front end systems. Concourse provides back office processing for any type of electronic payment transaction through its rules-based engine and continuous processing.  Concourse permits transaction settlement to occur in near real-time rather than the extended delays of most batched-based legacy systems. 

“For over 30 years, BHMI has continued to create innovative solutions that empower our clients to meet the demands of the payments industry as it evolves. When it comes to faster payments, companies need back-office applications that can keep up with the speed and capabilities of their front end systems, and Concourse provides this capability,” stated Jack Baldwin, CEO of BHMI. “We are both honored and excited to be selected as a finalist for this year’s PayTech Awards and to be named alongside some of the industry’s best for this recognition.”

Winners will be announced at this year’s digital award ceremony on September 10th.


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