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BHMI Is Looking To Hire A Business Analyst / Software Design Engineer

We are currently looking for an experienced Business Analyst / Software Design Engineer to work primarily in the Concourse Financial Software Suite product group.  The Concourse Financial Software Suite™ consists of a family of highly configurable, robust, rules-based applications that manage the back office operations of electronic payment processors, including banks, merchants, financial networks, and other processors of financial transactions.  Concourse delivers mission critical solutions for the electronic payments industry in the areas of settlement, clearing, disputes, reconciliation, and fees assessment.  The individual selected for this position will participate in product design and engineering that may also include custom extensions requested by Concourse customers.  This position works directly with the appropriate Concourse product or custom project personnel to analyze business requirements and translate those requirements into creative, efficient software designs for developers to implement.  The overall objective is to ensure that quality software is delivered to BHMI customers.

We are seeking candidates that have a minimum of five years of experience in back office processing for electronic payment transactions and possession of at least two of the following types of experience:

  • Experience in back office processing of electronic payment transactions, with an emphasis on payments initiated via debit or credit cards
  • Familiarity with financial system balancing that can accommodate differences in regional or national network business days
  • Experience managing regulations and mandates for card associations such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
  • Experience with settlement outputs, e.g., ACH, SWIFT, and wire transfer
  • Comprehensive knowledge of clearing and settlement formats and processing

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