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BHMI Is Growing Despite The Current Economic Climate

As a result of its core values, BHMI continues to enjoy corporate growth and financial success even amidst today’s downturned economy.

Omaha, NE — September 26, 2012 — Baldwin Hackett & Meeks, Inc. (BHMI) is a proven software services company that designs, develops, implements, and supports enterprise applications for businesses in a wide range of industries. Decades ago, the founders of BHMI created the following vision that continues to guide the day-to-day operations of the business:

  • Develop quality software that produces real value for BHMI’s clients.
  • Deliver what is promised – honor estimates provided to customers and stick to project timelines.
  • Let client needs dictate technology instead of doing what is easy or trendy.
  • Put honesty and integrity at the forefront of every customer relationship.
  • Get the job done right and on time without compromising one for the other.

Today, BHMI is every bit as committed to these principles as it was in the beginning. According to Jack Baldwin, Chairman of BHMI, ―Our approach seems to work because BHMI customers have remained customers for decades.

BHMI has demonstrated resilience through difficult economic times in the past and continues to do so in today’s economy. Casey Scheer, Director of Marketing and Sales at BHMI, states, ―We have our loyal customers to thank for our ongoing financial stability and success. Many companies hire new employees while the economy is flourishing, but struggle to prevent layoffs and staff reductions during difficult economic times. However, due to our loyal customers, BHMI hasn’t experienced any decline in demand for our products and services. Our ability to hire during an economic recession is a direct result of this financial stability.

According to Baldwin, ―BHMI is growing and thriving despite, or maybe because of, the economic downturn. Many companies are looking to do more with fewer physical and financial resources and that is our sweet spot. BHMI develops enterprise software solutions that are uniquely designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs. An increasing number of businesses are turning to innovative software solutions as a way of doing more with less. In fact, BHMI recently wrote a topic paper that addresses this trend.

To meet the increasing demand for BHMI’s software products and services, the company is adding to its team. For example, BHMI has open positions in the following areas:

  • Web application engineering and development
  • Mobile application engineering and development
  • Application engineering QA engineering
  • Customer support and deployment engineering

Individuals who join BHMI will be working with team members that have decades of experience designing, developing, and implementing enterprise applications. They will also be joining a company that has continued to grow and flourish throughout its 26-year business history. To learn how to apply for a position at BHMI, simply go to


BHMI is a provider of back-office transaction processing applications as well as a creator of custom enterprise software for a wide range of vertical markets. As a specialist in creating primary business applications, BHMI not only provides premier software development services but also a comprehensive set of consulting, design, engineering, and support services that can help shape the future direction of a company’s application infrastructure. For more information on BHMI, please visit



Casey Scheer, BHMI

(402) 333-3300

BHMI Is Growing Despite The Current Economic Climate


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