BHMI Develops Learning Objects Portal for SCOLA

BHMI created a Learning Objects Web Portal for SCOLA, a non-profit organization that is helping people around the world learn about other cultures, languages, and ideologies.  One of SCOLA’s primary goals is to leverage modern information technology to overcome language barriers.  SCOLA currently provides a wide range of subscription-based language learning services, including international online TV, videos, radio, and newspapers.  These services represent an abundant amount of language learning resources from across the globe.  

SCOLA had the vision of leveraging its resources to create an innovative set of language learning tools called Learning Objects, which are multimedia lessons that help individuals acquire a language, using a variety of technologies such as video, audio, and self-correcting questions. To make this vision a reality, SCOLA required a web portal to facilitate communication and information access for a number of user groups, including administrators, authors, translators, and subscribers. 

“Over the years, SCOLA has acquired extensive international language resources and we wanted to use this information to create highly effective and interactive Learning Objects for our customers,” said Francis Lajba, President and CEO of SCOLA.  “The web portal BHMI developed is allowing us to compile the necessary content, manage the approval process, and release the Learning Objects quickly and reliably.”

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