SimplyWell Partners with BHMI to Develop Enhanced Health Coaching Web Portal (Updated)

BHMI is proud to announce the completion of SimplyWell’s Enhanced Health Coaching web portal.  BHMI has been SimplyWell’s software services partner for more than 12 years. The goal of this new web portal is to allow SimplyWell members to fully leverage personalized health coaching services.  This portal allows SimplyWell members to do the following:

  • SimplywellSelf-schedule a convenient day and time to talk with their SimplyWell Health Coach
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measureable, achievable, results-focused, time-bound) goals and achieve them with the help of their SimplyWell Health Coach
  • Receive secure, online feedback from their SimplyWell Health Coach
  • Access meaningful resources and tools that are specific to their health goals

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