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Celebrating 10 Years of Partnership with Universal Money Centers

For over a decade, UMC has outsourced software development and support to BHMI, a leader in enterprise software development, consulting and migration services.

Omaha, Nebraska — March 26, 2013 — Baldwin Hackett & Meeks, Inc. (BHMI), a proven software services company with decades of experience helping businesses in a wide range of industries leverage enterprise software to achieve success, has maintained a successful software infrastructure partnership with Universal Money Centers (UMC) for over 10 years.

UMC specializes in providing ATM access to customer funds at convenient locations throughout the US. The company partners with financial institutions and retail merchants to offer a broad range of options from merchant-owned to full-service/turnkey ATM programs. These ATM programs include network management and transaction processing services such as ATM network monitoring, reconciliation and settlement, card production, EFT authorizations and online activity reporting.

UMC’s core business applications reside on a fault-tolerant HP NonStop platform. To ensure business continuity and network compliance during resource infrastructure changes, UMC sought a partner that could provide support services for the applications running on NonStop technology.

UMC selected BHMI due to its upstanding reputation as well as its unique ability to meet the company’s specific needs. For starters, one industry in which BHMI is especially skilled is the financial services industry. BHMI has been developing high-volume transaction processing software products for the financial services industry for decades. Another qualification unique to BHMI is the fact that the company is one of only a few software engineering organizations with decades of experience developing on HP NonStop / Tandem platforms as well as a variety of other hardware platforms.

For more than 10 years, BHMI has been providing UMC with the technical assistance and development services that are required to support and maintain its NonStop application environment. This involves a variety of consulting, planning, and development tasks as requested by UMC. Some examples of how BHMI supports UMC are:

• Planning for certification with new financial services switches

• Consulting for adoption of new technology including new devices, network options, or application functions

• Augmenting the current application with new functionality

• Documenting operational or processing procedures for auditing purposes

According to Lynne Baldwin, President of BHMI, “Our software infrastructure partnership with UMC is a long-term relationship based on mutual respect and trust, not short-term financial gain. Our staff enjoys working with UMC and assisting them in remaining industry compliant such as making sure their ATM network is ADA compliant.”

This type of infrastructure partnership is becoming more and more common. To survive, companies must continue to grow, react to market demands, improve quality, and maintain customer relationships. Managing and adding new functionality to a company’s primary software application is essential. Companies have two options…either hire the necessary talent to manage their internal software, which could prove to be costly and time-consuming, or rely on external resources. With NonStop talent in short supply, the natural choice for UMC was to search for an external enterprise software development partner to serve as a virtual extension of their internal technical staff.

This kind of partnership has proved very beneficial to UMC. According to Pamela Glenn, President of UMC, “We have learned that outsourcing software projects that our internal staff cannot do easily, efficiently, or affordably to BHMI enables us to be more dynamic and concentrate on our core business. We have also benefited from the ability to leverage the skills we already have in-house while having access to the full-range of technical talent available at BHMI.”


Universal Money Centers, Inc. headquartered in Shawnee Mission, KS is a private company that has been offering automated teller machine (ATM) network management and transaction processing services since 1981. Universal Money specializes in providing ATM access to customer funds at convenient locations throughout the US.


Baldwin Hackett & Meeks, Inc. (BHMI) is a specialist in creating primary software applications. BHMI not only provides premier software development services, but also a comprehensive set of consulting, design, engineering, and support services that can help shape the future direction of any company’s application infrastructure. Whether it involves the creation of a new application or the enhancement of an existing application, BHMI has the in-house personnel and technical infrastructure to make it succeed. For more information on BHMI, please visit

BHMI and Universal Money Centers Celebrate a 10-Year Partnership


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