BHMI and SimplyWell Partner to Engage Participants in Corporate Wellness Programs

No matter an employer’s goals for a company wellness program, without employee engagement the program will fail.  Employee engagement is critical to the success of any and all well-being, health, and productivity programs.  Of this fact, SimplyWell is well aware.  That is why their population health management program is specifically designed to maximize participant engagement and provide measurable results to both employee and employer.  SimplyWell understands that health, work, and life are interconnected, and they have teamed with application developer, BHMI, to ensure their health and wellness application engages program participants on a personal level.  SimplyWell’s HIPAA-compliant web-based population health management application offers employees and patients individualized and actionable health information based on their lab and test results, health risk assessment, and self-reported medical history.  Metrics such as body mass, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol level, and overall health score are always visible in the employee’s personalized dashboard and can be charted over time.

Employers that have achieved real returns from wellness programs can easily recognize the role employee engagement has played on the success of their program.  That is why more and more employers are offering incentives to employees in an effort to promote deeper engagement.  A recent article published in the Omaha World Herald discusses this trend.  The article states that if Alegent employees hit a certain health score or improve their scores by a certain amount, they get a $520 reduction in insurance premiums for the year.

The article quotes Michael Demman, CEO of SimplyWell.  “It used to be that employers would give employees a discount on their premiums or some sort of monetary compensation if they simply attended a health screening,” he said. “More employers are going that next step. They’re using a health score or some sort of scoring system that is directly tied to objective clinical data, such as improvements in body mass index, cholesterol level, or blood pressure. They are using this health score as the measurement of whether an employee is entitled to an incentive.” SimplyWell is an Omaha-based company that runs corporate wellness programs for more than 130 companies nationwide.

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